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Merci Fernandez

Merci Fernandez

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Comfy Curious Exotic

This is a crisp, clean and sweet washed bourbon from Merci Fernandez's farm, La Pomarossa, in Colasay, Peru. It reminds us of raspberry iced tea, pink guava and sweet lemon. 

Merci Fernandez is a young farmer (that we had the pleasure of meeting at the SCA expo in Chicago!) and her small farm is producing some delicious, highly sought after coffees. We were lucky to pick up the single bag of this year's bourbon from apex coffee imports, and it's a real treat!

Brew method:

We roast this coffee light and it is best enjoyed as a filter.

We recommend using a 16:1 water to coffee ratio (for example when using 20 grams of coffee, brew with 320ml of water) and a medium coarse grind.

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