Our Story

After living out our dream of exploring Canada’s west coast, we wanted more. We wanted to make a home in Revelstoke’s mountains. But a home for us meant more than just a house—it meant immersing ourselves in the local community and becoming part of its culture. 

We’re both originally from the sunny, coffee loving shores of Australia, so naturally, the idea of bringing a slice of Australian cafe and coffee culture to Revelstoke was a no brainer. We opened the Cafe in Revelstoke in 2017 and earlier this year, we expanded our horizons and opened the Roastery. We now roast all of our beans in-house in Revelstoke and couldn’t be more stoked.

Today, the Cafe remains a home to many of our beloved regulars, visitors, family, and friends. And the Roastery has become a supplier for  businesses selling or brewing our coffee. 

Thank you for tagging along for the ride!

Lauren & John, Co-owners of Dose Coffee

It takes a village

The Cafe started as a genuinely heartfelt community effort. Friends helped build it and neighbours donated chairs and tables. Our Cafe is the product of our community, of every individual who came together to bring it to life.

We’ve come a long way. The chairs now match, the kitchen has expanded, and the ol’ green oven was finally replaced with one that actually works. But the coffee and the vibes? They haven’t changed one bit.

  • Create a community

    Our community is why we are here and who we work for. Focus on them first and the rest will follow.

  • Be the change you seek

    Walk the talk and put your best foot forward. Focus on what we can do and not what we can’t

  • We're better together

    We cannot achieve greatness alone, it takes a team. No one is bigger than the team - no one is too big to do the small things.

  • Not just another brick in the wall

    Jump off the bandwagon, innovate and set the standard. We dare to think differently, fail forward and believe that nothing is impossible.