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Yorgeny Torres

Yorgeny Torres

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Comfy Curious Exotic

This is a crisp, refreshing and clean washed caturra from Finca La Indonesia in La Union, Nariño. It reminds us of toffee apple and orange and has a moreish acidity with a well rounded sweetness.

Yorgeny Torres is the younger sister of Frank Torres and their family farm, Finca La Indonesia, has innovated Colombian specialty coffee production for over 40 years. Their farm is 90% organic and has helped transform the area from one of illicit trade and violence to a community of dedicated specialty coffee farmers.

This coffee is processed via their 'Reposado Washed' technique which involves a 24-36 hour anaerobic fermentation of the cherries prior to pulping and a second 48 hour wet fermentation of the seeds.


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