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Bulk The Daily Driver

Bulk The Daily Driver

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Local Revelstoke customers can now order their coffee in our re-usable aluminum pails. Simply select the # of kg's you require in multiples of 1 or 2kg. Each pail holds up to 8kg.

Please ensure that any empty pails are ready to be switched out on delivery day (Tuesday).

Note that any pails which are not returned will incur a fee of $30/ pail which will be invoiced separately.

The 'Daily Driver' is our everyday sipper that we serve as our house drip in the Dose flagship café (although it works equally well on espresso!). It's aimed at being a comfortable and easy going all-rounder that's great black or with your choice of milk or cream.

The coffee we are using at the moment is a Fairtrade organic grade 1 from the APROCASJ (Asociacion de Productores Cafetaleros Agroecologicos 'San Juan') of the Cajamarca region in Peru! This organisation supports smallholder producers using good agricultural practices and helping them achieve certification. 

We love the versatility of Peruvian coffee at Dose. This particular coffee tastes well with a slower roast and a longer development. We get notes of cocoa, almond and raisin. It's full bodied and robust in profile but still has delicious sweetness and finesse!

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