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Wired Enough Decaf

Wired Enough Decaf

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Comfy Curious Exotic

Our decaf option to begin with is a naturally processed Brazilian coffee that has been decaffeinated via Swiss Water Process. We roast this Brazil to be suitable for all types of brewing – we use it in the cafe on espresso but it also tastes great as a drip! Again, this is designed to be a really versatile coffee that can be enjoyed black or can reliably cut through any milk in a latte and goes really well with cream. This Decaf really reminds us of cocoa and macadamia nut and has a delightfully sweet finish with a hint of pleasant acidity.

We really want to showcase decaf coffees under the same light as we do with all our other coffees. The quality of decaf is rising in tandem with its demand so we are excited to work with more delicious decaffeinated and low caffeine content coffees in the future!

Brew method:

We roast this coffee medium and it is best enjoyed as a filter or as an espresso.

For filter, we recommend using a 16:1 water to coffee ratio (for example when using 20 grams of coffee, brew with 320ml of water) and a medium coarse grind.

For espresso, we recommend using a 2.5:1 yield to dose ratio (for example 18 grams of coffee to make a 45 ml espresso), using a fine grind and aiming for a 30 second shot time.

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