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Kenya - 'Gatagua Muranga'

Kenya - 'Gatagua Muranga'

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The Gatagua factory, ran by Gatagua Farmers Cooperative Society (FCS), in the Murang’a region of central Kenya is producing some highly sought after coffees. This coffee typifies washed coffees from Kenya – super juicy tasting like blackcurrant with vanilla aromatics and with sufficient resting after the roast it really opens up into grapefruit. We believe it tastes best at least 3 weeks off roast!

 Over 845 members contribute to Gatagua FCS. Gatagua means ‘gathering’ in Kikuyu, a local Bantu language and as this cooperative was formed by 3 other cooperatives that split off from another and ‘gathered’ to form another. Partnering in 2019 with the Kahawa Bora mill has elevated the coffee quality from the coop. The Kahawa Bora mill has helped by conducting soil studies on the farm to tailor suitable fertilizers depending on the specific soil deficiencies noted in different areas.

 This coffee is compiled of SL28 and SL34 varietals that are very common in Kenya and were originally developed by the Scott Agricultural Laboratories in the 1930s specifically to thrive in Kenyan growing conditions. They have extensive root systems allowing them to grow well in dry areas and survive droughts without irrigation.

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