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Banko Gotiti Natural

Banko Gotiti Natural

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Comfy Curious Exotic

At Dose we love coffees from Ethiopia, where it all began! This coffee typifies everything you want from a natural Ethiopian - berries, florals and milk chocolate!

This natural processed coffee (dried for 21 days with the fruit left on the seed on raised beds) comes from the Banko Gotiti washing station in the Gedeo zone, using cherries delivered from the Yirgacheffe region.

Coffees from this region are renowned for their fruit forward and delicate flavour profiles. Most of the farms are organic by default since very few pesticides or fertilizers are used anywhere in the region.

Brew method:

We roast this coffee light and it is best enjoyed as a filter.

We recommend using a 16:1 water to coffee ratio (for example when using 20 grams of coffee, brew with 320ml of water) and a medium coarse grind.

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